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Simsar ul Haq Hudawi

Simsar ul Haq Hudawi

He completed his Master Degree with distinction in Arabic and Islamic Studies from Darul Huda Islamic Academy, affiliated to Al Azhar University, Egypt. His specializations include Thafseerul Quraan, Uloom-ul-Quraan, Thajweedul Quran, Hadeeth, Usool-ul-Hadeeth, Fiqh, Aqeedah and Arabic Literature. He also holds B.A in Sociology and Humanities from University of Calicut. Besides, a Special Certificate Course on Thajweedul Quran from Jamiyatul Ulama Li Omoomi Kerala. He is presently teaching Arabic and Islamic studies in a British school in the Middle East. Popular for his oratory skills, he can easily juggle between Arabic, English, Urdu and Malayalam. He is focused in imparting the message of the Holy Book and dedicates every moment of his life in its pursuit.His prominence in spreading the message of Islam has been acknowledged by the Malayalam television media.(http://jaihoon.tv/6004.htm)

Alavikutty Hudawi

Alavikutty Hudawi

A spell-binding orator, Mr Hudawi is well known in the Malayalee community for his vast knowledge and command over Arabic literature. He has travelled extensively across the Arab world. He was former editor of a Kerala-based Arabic Magazine as well as been a lecturer at Darul Huda Islamic Academy.

He had also translated into Malayalam the poetry compilation, Henna for the Heart, the second book by Jaihoon.



He began his expatriate life three decades ago in Sharjah and since then he used his spare time in helping fellow unemployed expats to find jobs. Impressed by his dedictaed efforts in promoting investments among expat indians , he was appointed agent by Unit Trust of India (UTI). He was part of a NRI delegation which persuaded the Indian government to recognize the financial worth of its citizens living abroad. He is also the chairman of Pravasi Bandhu, which believes in “Show mercy to man, and God would show mercy towards you”.

Razia Irfan

Razia Irfan

Dr. Razia Irfan has pursued her career in academics and research for the past 22 years. After receiving her Doctorate in International Economics in 1995 she continued lecturing at graduate and postgraduate levels in various international institutions in the field of Economics, Business Studies and Banking. During her professional career she held positions as Assistant Professor, Educational Program Coordinator, and Head of Postgraduate Studies. She has consistently worked at increasing student awareness about Islamic values and principles, especially in relation to Economic aspects. Dr. Razia Irfan, is currently Managing Director of Pristine Business Solutions, a newly established firm for Research & Consultancy. She has also published a book entitled ‘Managing External Debt’.


Happy to see your channel
May Allah help u to scale bigger heights

Hussain Kodinhi
The New Indian Express, Chennai

Mohammed Ismaeel Hudawi

Congrats, I am here in Doha, expect your sincere supports in some propagative activities here as well as Hadia Qatar endeavors too.

Assalamu Alaikum brothers

I used to watch Peace tv of zakir naik always and when ever i watch this channel I always dream about a malyalam channel like this and its sure it will work out our sitting rooms and around our families..

when I saw this site I pray to Allah

please give these brothers strength and bless them for their best effort..

may Allah bless u brothers….

Dear Brothers,
its appreciatable for this good begining.
but please don’t compare this with peace tv. because they are not using any Haram Things like even a forbideen music. but unfortunately, this site starts with a background music.

May Allah Bless u for spreading real islam…..

I am very happy to find your net channel. It’s a great achievement . I really appreciate you and should be praised for your efforts to propagate Islamic message and solutions to the of the issues the present world faces.

Moreover it’s a blessing for those who’re seeking a site which provides Islamic doctrines and principles through its right path.

We are living in a world where morale and religious preeches are neglected,so the time needs more islamic propaganda by all the possible ways.

I think it’s better to replace a quranic verse to that background music because that opening music will make an adverse feeling to the visitor.

assalamu alikkum

Did you make any survey bout ponnani mandalam after the election?

All the best

shaijal kakkad

Dear brothers

I am very happy to see your channel and appreciate your intiative and wishing you people all the best.
May Allah bless u people for propagating Islamic message and solutions and we are expecting lot more from jaihoon.tv team.

Dear All ,

I am very happy to see your channel and my hearty Congrats to you all .

Allah… please give these brothers strength and bless them for their best effort.




It”s Really Fantastic when I see your channel. I read one artcle from “Madhyamam” news paper regarding your talent. May Allah give you proper reward for your effort in this field. I would like to tell you one thing regarding the unity of muslim ummah in Kerala should come through your great web site as well as TV.

Best regards
Mohamed Kasim(Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Abdul Shareef

Assalamu alaikum

I know about this channel from ‘madhyamam’. I appreciate your effort, and pray to Allah to give much more for this good thing.

May Allah bless you all.

Abdul Shareef (Genius Group, Sharjah)

Very happy to see JAIHOONTV and I pray to Allah for a good future.

Sounds Good!!! Keep it up.

Abdul Gafoor Koduvally

Good initiative. May your good wishes be answered

Good team.
May Allah bless you

good team may allah bless you all

very nice tv congratulation

Aboobacker B Chalil

I’m really happy to hear about Jaihoon TV, I wish all the best to the constructors behind who have lined up.

nasar vaniyambalam

really this is a great effort ,today is my first visit to this site , i have been impressed with this exclusive creative work , this has to be conveyed to more and more people all over the world

my dream is open thanks for Allah

My full support for this channel.


May Allah bless this Starting, I believe this is a Daawth, If anybody get Hidayath we will be Successful.Jazakkallahu Khair.

abdul azeez deli

assalamu alaikum bismillah,valhamdu lillah assalathu vassalamu ala rasulillah,give information and publicity regardig explain jaihoon.tv thanks from kasaragod dt

ദ അ വാ പ്രവര്ത്തന രംഗത്ത് പുതിയ കാല്‍വെപ്പ്‌ എല്ലാ പ്രാര്‍ഥനകളും

Assalamualaikkum Warahmathullah

Dear Borthers

I am very much happy to see this type of channel. Informed you that i am very much interested to associate with you and work together.



when I saw this site I pray to Allah

please give these brothers strength and bless them for their best effort..

may Allah bless u brothers….