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Who is an ideal Wafy?

Who is an Ideal Wafy, finds out directly from its chief mentor Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adirassery.

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Ranking reinforces Competition

Despite hundreds of Islamic seminaries in Kerala there is neither quality-check nor a centralized ranking of these institutions. Can we expect a change?

‘There is certainly an opportunity for ranking of institutions in Kerala’

‘Based on strict criteria, ranking system has already been implemented in Wafy group of institutions’

‘When major educational initiatives like Wafy system have implemented ranking, others will naturally follow’

‘The Community who patronizes these seminaries would only appreciate the introduction of a centralized grading system’

‘The only hindrance to the implementation of a centralized grading system is the religious figure heads’

‘It would be commendable if Samastha, the leading Ulema body of mainstream Kerala Muslims, persuades isolated institute ones to join larger educational networks’

‘Every University has their philosophy which need not merge with the other’

‘Healthy amongst Kerala Islamic institutions will help improve the quality’

‘Isolated institutions escape competition and therefore suffer in quality’

‘An atmosphere of competition will help in the ranking of top Islamic Universities in Kerala’

‘The infrastructure and amenities of Islamic seminaries should be at par with the secular institutions’

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Government stops Seminaries from promoting Kerala Tourism

JAIHOON.TV investigates the hindrance of seminaries from enrolling foreign candidates and promoting tourism and foreign remittance.

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Is Muslim Kerala Global Shy?

JAIHOONTV investigates the psychology of Kerala Islam’s failure to connect with rest of the global Muslim fraternity.

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Being a Malayalee Shaykha

JAIHOONTV investigates the scope & challenges of Muslim Women’s Islamic scholarship in Kerala from Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adirassery, chief mentor, Wafiyya group of Colleges.

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The Cost of Free Lunch in Kerala’s Islamic Education

JAIHOONTV investigates the cause and consequences of free education in Islamic seminaries from Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adirassery, Chief mentor, Co-ordination of Islamic Colleges (CIC).

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Unchanging Kerala Muslims in a Changing World

JAIHOONTV investigates the rationale behind the stagnation of Kerala Muslims’ Religious Thought from Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adirassery, chief mentor, Co-ordination of Islamic Colleges (CIC).

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