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Universality of Prophet: Sukumar Kakkad

‘Those who strive to bring about equality in society cannot ignore his contributions.’ Exclusive interview of Shri Sukumar Kakkad

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Prophet’s soft corner for India : A comparative study of lord Krishnan and Prophet – Sukumar Kakkad

‘Islam believes that over 100,000 prophets have come to the world. So I’m sure that even in India a prophet would have come.’ An interview of Sukumar Kakkad a senior poet from Kerala

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I wish Prophet was born in India:Kakkad

‘I dream very often. Few times I’ve even dreamt of the Holy Prophet. And I’ve wished sincerly that he should have born in India.

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Sukumar Kakkad പ്രവാചകകീര്‍ത്തനം

Sukumar Kakkad is a well known contemporary poet of Kerala. His poetry in praise of Holy Prophet is well known and recited often

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