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Through the Land of Sinai: Dr Bahauddin Nadwi

Dr Bahauddin Nadwi narrates his experiences of travel across five countries; and his visit to Masjid ul Aqsa

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Through the Land of Sinai: Dr Bahauddin Nadwi (2/3)

Maulana Muhammad Ali’s (the famous Indian freedom activist) maqbara is also present in Bait-ul-Muqaddis. The beautiful Dome seen usually in the fotos is not Bait-ul-Muqaddis, that Dome is the mosque named Kubathi-Sakhra. It was built by the king Abdul Malik bin Marwan.

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നിരീശ്വരവാദം ഈ പോക്ക്‌ പോയാൽ…

Rahmathullah Qassimi, scholar on Quran, speaks to JAIHOON.TV about the problems faced by the Kerala Muslim community including political disruption, encroaching atheism and disunity among the religious scholars.

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Teaching Atheism at government cost – Dr Bahauddin nadwi

Dr. Bahauddin Nadwi, Vice-Principal of Darul huda Islamic Academy, Chemmad and the General Secretary of Samastha Kerala Jamiathul Muallimeen..

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‘പ്രകൃതിയിലെ പ്ലക്കാര്‍ഡുകള്‍’

Highlights from the JAIHOON.TV Excellence Award for Dr Bahauddeen Nadwi

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