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Heat the pan, pour oil and put the onions to it. When it turns golden brown add chilly and ginger. Add the rest of the masalas one by one stirring continuously. Read more


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Fry the small cut onions in oil. Add the green chilies and ginger paste. Fry till the color changes to golden and then add the masalas one by one. Read more


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Grind the rice adding water in a grinder adding salt and with this soak the rice powder as for pittu...This is the most common dish prepared for Eid in south India Read more

Avil milk

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Roast the cashews in ghee. Remove it from fire and roast the avil on small fire till it becomes crispy. Mix the bananas and grinded jaggery in milk. Do not add water. Pour the mixture into a glass. On top put the avil and decorate with cashews. Read more