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Time: Do Gadget-education make students moral-smart?

Experts need to come with answers. And parents need to pray!

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Children: Exempted by God, Evicted by Parents

If God has exempted them from obligatory worship, who are parents and guardians to torture them in name of Education?

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Wealth: Thrill of Distribution better than Joy of Accumulation

The real experience of wealth is in facilitating it to the rightful beneficiaries. Therefore, the real wealthy are those rich in distributing it.

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Ramadan: Month of Quranic Quotient

The infallible and absolute Book of God is undoubtedly the handbook for the Adamic quest of everlasting bliss. Humanity’s spiritual success depends on their compliance to its commandments.

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Quran is ocean of Wonders

In content and form, the book of ALLAH is full of wonders. Each drop of its verse and phrase in it can inspire oceans of ideas.

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Ramadan re-humanizes our experiences

There is no devotional fun when mind is on the run. Mechanical movements of body parts cannot inspire devotional melody in the heart.

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Gratitude via Prayers

The fabric of Human relationship is woven with the gentle thread of gratitude. Appreciation and Reciprocation are essential for a strong bond between individuals and communities, both at the physical and spiritual domains.

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Wow I made it

It is indeed an incredible blessing to make it alive in sound health for this Holy Month. Alhamdulillah.

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Education First. Politics Second: Beyond Identity Hangover to Community Empowerment

Madrassa Modernization in Modi’s India (JAIHOON.TV in conversation with Perwez Siddiqui, president, Sir Syed Minority Foundation of India, Aligarh Muslim University)

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E Ahmed : Glorious Past, Cautious Future (Part I)

It is a reality that due to special circumstances, Muslim League has not been able to build a stronghold in N. India. There are many who love and help Muslim League, but we have failed to organize them under our umbrella

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