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There are various means to impart knowledge with a view to bring about positive change among its recipients. Scholars of old crossed mountains and seas to fulfill such mission. Invention of Paper simplified this to a larger extend. Various broadcasting means such as Radio and Television also brought about revolutionary changes.


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The NET was born with the promise of containing oceans of knowledge in the coffee cup of your living room. However, if speed of learning could be defined as the distance (from the seeker of knowledge to the source of it) over the time, then the resultant value is not very encouraging. Although Knowledge is available on our fingertips, the overload of it kills our interest and time required in acquiring it.


Nevertheless, one cannot dismiss Net for its excess nature. It is by far the most influential media at the individual level. Many have missed the opportunities to develop the spiritual landscape in their lives. JAIHOON.TV is offering a valuable proposition for those who have been handicapped by time and circumstances to gain knowledge and integrate its influence in their lives. We are confident that JAIHOON.TV would be a rejuvenating experience for the viewers.

Our objectives are but not limited to

    – Organize and summarize selective knowledge of higher value in a visual fashion

    – Produce shows original in idea and execution

    – Guarantee its viewers better value for moments in life which cannot be recycled further


We are no strangers to the cyberspace. JAIHOON.TV is the fruit of our ongoing pursuit since the last decade to influence human minds in a positive way. Buoyed by the overwhelming success of its parent portal JAIHOON.COM, we were encouraged to take this giant leap into the world of online visual media. We are a team of die-hard youngsters who dare to be different in their passion for life and its ambitions. We are bent on influencing those around by delivering thought-provoking ideas in an appealing style.


JAIHOON.TV is aware of the limited reach of the Internet connection. Nevertheless, we believe in the unlimited reach of our message irrespective of our viewers’ circumstances. Whether they are stuck in a time-killing traffic or relaxing before going to bed, they can rejuvenate their souls with JAIHOON.TV. By transferring the downloaded files to portable devices, viewers can enjoy the JAIHOON.TV experience at all times. (These files are of Mobile-friendly file size). Viewers can become an integral part of this noble initiative by sharing via bluetooth the files downloaded from the channel.

Additional features include

    – Subscribers would be informed via email when new shows are made available

    – Viewers can share their favorite video with friends and relatives

    – Viewers can also share their opinions and vote for the shows. Results are transparent for other viewers to see.

Light Upon Life