Transcript Summary

  • More than creating a separate cliché of minority politics, it is important to raise the voice for minorities in National politics and also fight for their due rights. We are in the process of developing a political working model for Muslim League. Of course it is to be approved by our supremo, Panakkad Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal. A sort of collective leadership
  • The community in other parts of India is not as organized or developed as in Kerala. Several people would be watching this program due to community’s organized efforts. Muslims in other states have to be made politically aware.
  • It was Muslim League which fought for the permission to conduct Madrassas in Kerala. Abdur Rahman Bafaqi Thangal, Panakkad Pookoya Thangal, Seethi Sahib discussed with Kaniyath Ustad, EK Abu Bakr Musliyar, Chappanangadi Musliyar. Leader such as Humayun Kabeer and Abdur Rahman Bafaqi Thangal met in Seethi Sahib’s house’s and decided to go ahead with TKM Engineering College. Muslim League had leaders who were very close to Salafi movement also.
  • Those arrested in terrorist attacks should be questioned of any further involvement of other forces, internal or external. What do they have to be proud of as Muslims when they snatched the lives and happiness of innocent civilians?