First ever online interview of E. Ahmed on JAIHOON.TV after assuming the national leadership of Indian Union Muslim League. Recorded on Sep 10 2008


Transcript Summary

1. I would be following the policies of the previous leadership.

2. It is a reality that due to special circumstances, Muslim League has not been able to build a stronghold in N. India. There are many who love and help Muslim League, but we have failed to organize them under our umbrella.

3. The present government of India is the most favorable government to the minorities compared to the previous governments. POTA rule repealed is a proof for this.

4. POTA failed to counter terrorism. Indian Parliament was attacked during POTA in effect. Besides, it was misused against a particular community.

5. Minority terrorism can never be justified. It is against the teachings of Islam.

6. Certain aspects of Sachchar Committee have been implemented. But it is wholly incomplete.