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Believers more hopeful than Communists: Sheikh Karakunnu (Part II)

Believers more hopeful than Communists: Sheikh Karakunnu (Part II)


In first of a series of exclsive interactions aimed at expolring the cause of this social evil, Sheikh Muhammad Karakunnu, Asistant Amir of Jama’t-e-Islami Kerala talks to JAIHOON.TV about the various reasons for suicides in Kerala.

Part II

* It is important to believe that there is a life beyond death.

* Life is filled with trials- There is no need to get depressed in life

* Karl Marx was saddened upon the death of his son

* A believer whose 5 members died in an accident was hopeful saying ‘Allah has taken away my children. God-willing, I will meet them in paradise.’.

* Lenin who was paralysed wrote to his friend Stalin to send him some poison to die easily. He too desired an easy suicidal death

* One should entrust all his affairs with Allah. Also we should look at those below us

* KEN Kunhammed, an atheist, says he is unable to console the members of family of a dead person because of no belief in hereaftfer

* Interest-free banking is essential to save people from the financial trap of interest.

Other speakers in upcoming episodes include Munawwarali Shihab Thangal, Dr Hussein Randathani, Kamal Pasha

abdul khader mattath

I read the collection of poems “Udyanam maduthoru vanambadi”. It is simple and meaningful. Congratulations

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