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ANAVI is a combination of the names of the duo – Mr. Anatoly and Ms. Vitalia, and as the latter philosophically put it, the word ‘ANAVI’ in Arabic also means ‘I am in’ (Ana-fee) which symbolizes the dedication of the Russian magnate towards his business

Mr Anatoly works for 2 hours in a day and finds pleasure in dealing with Timber. According to him, family is the only people in the world whom you can trust in this world. They cannot be bought by your competitor.”

Everything he does is for his daughter. She started helping him when she was 16 and now she feels she is ready and responsible to succeed him. When asked about his advise for budding businessmen, he thinks businessman should be very honest. Like the famous Russian saying goes “half of your life you work for your name, and the other half your name works for you”. If one gives his or her commitment, they have to do it regardless of the fact that it may incur loss.