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Ulli-vada (Onion-vada)

Ulli-vada (Onion-vada)


1. 4 big onions
2. a small piece of ginger
3. 4 green chilies
4. ? tsp of red chilly powder
5. a pinch of Asafetida
6. Salt
7. 2 cups of maida flour
8. 2 cups of rice flour


Cut onions, green chilies, ginger and curry leaves finely and add the flours. To this add the red chilly powder, salt and asafetida and mix well with the hand. When the oil is hot put the mixture into it with a spoon. Heat both the sides until it turns golden brown. That’s it!! Your dish is ready. Serve it hot along with tea or ketchup.


Intresting video.. lookin forward for more of this kind!


u dint mention about water??how much water need to pour?

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