Universe belongs to Allah: None can question His Justice (Ramadan Reflects- Day 29) | Mujeeb Jaihoon

Every manufacturer has a right to recall or dissolve its products. The ultimate ownership of a thing is with its maker.

The owner or maker can do what one likes with his or creations. A painter does not have to justify why the painting was thrown into the bin nor a poet need to rationalize why the poem was torn apart. We generally call it a wrong only if one harms a thing which belongs to someone else.

Verily, this whole universe belongs to Allah. Hence, He cannot wrong anyone no matter how He deals with his creation. No one has the moral or logical right to question whether He choose to reward or redress His slaves. He is not bound to justify His justice to our the logic of His creations
Our salvation is by His Mercy alone. Hence, the last thing you want to ask for is His justice!