Ramadan Volunteers: Saints who go Unnoticed (Day 26) | Mujeeb Jaihoon

The ‘Night of Power’ is powerfully observed across the Muslim world with millions of participants. Believers flock to their favorite masjid where their dear Qari would fervently and fluently recite from the eternal verses of the Holy Book. Their tears will wet the masjid floors and their cries will mesmerize its minarets. Angels would once again recall why the Lord had asked them to prostrate before Adam.

Behind all the veneration and devotion happening during that night, there is a group of unsung heroes who work day and night to ensure the smooth saintliness for the believers. They let go their moments of spiritual ecstasy in favor of others. They defer food and drink so that their brothers and sisters can sustain their health for the worship. They serve the devotees of God as if they were lesser creatures with no spiritual cravings.

May Allah accept the spiritual labor of the Ramadan volunteers.