Parents & Children : Eid for One Another Ramadan Reflects (Day 19) | Mujeeb Jaihoon

Believers have to wait for almost the entire thirty days to welcome Eid. Till then they have to taste the sweetness of thirst and hunger and the iftar at sunset of course. The joy of Eid is, however, different. It is coolness and comfort for the elder, festivity and enjoyment for the young.

There may be only two eids in a year. But there is another eid of an entirely different nature. It is a lifelong celebration of love and affection. There may be different phases and challenges to it. But it is nevertheless not short of eid.

Parents. Children. They are eids for one another. When out of sight, each awaits the other like believers anticipate the eid crescent.
May Allah sustain our everyday eid.