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Believer: The Selfless Benefactor

Believer: The Selfless Benefactor

Believer: The Selfless Benefactor | Ramadan Reflects (Day 15) | Mujeeb Jaihoon

This Ramadan, besides other religio-political challenges, is fatefully passing through a merciless summer. Sun is in real form and so is its heat. At least in the region from where this piece is written.

Despite the modern cooling appliances, the heat en route from home to masjid is unbearable. It is during this short walks that the date fruits appear gleaming from its sturdy leaves.

The date fruit offers exceptional lessons for the onlooker. It selflessly absorbs the entire summer heat to ripen, evolving its color from green to yellow to red to black. In its first phase, it may taste sour. But after burning itself in the scorching heat, it turns sweet for its beneficiaries- young or old, birds or beasts.

The believing folks act more or less the same with their lives. No matter whatsoever the torturous trials and tribulations they face, they remain the sweet benefactors for the creations of God. They are the earthly stations of Allah’s mercy and love.


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