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Sleep: The Divine Feast

Sleep: The Divine Feast

Sleep: The Divine Feast | Ramadan Reflects (Day 13) | Mujeeb Jaihoon

Islam offers an amazing template for almost every instance of life. It beautifies our days and nights with the most noble of all human perfection.

It prepares us not only for life, but for death as well. And what is as close to Death as much as Sleep? It is a state of complete auto-piloting our system submitting it to our unconscious part of our mind. We let go our complete hold on our body and mind and trust another Force to protect us.

Sleep, however, should not be seen simply as another biological function. Islam has commanded remarkable significance to this otherwise normal nocturnal exercise. Quran has counted it as an important sign of God.

Sleep is a feast of Divine blessing in Islam. And every feast comes with its lavish preparations. Sleep, according to Prophetic practice, is to be preceded by ablution. There are specific Quranic chapters to be recited and another series of Divine phrases to be repeated.

Sleep is also the only platform where one can board the train called Dream. And the destination of such a journey is unpredictable.

May Allah help us to reach interesting places.


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