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Missing the Devotional Fiesta

Missing the Devotional Fiesta

Missing the Devotional Fiesta | Ramadan Reflects (Day 10)

It is true that Ramadan is the devotional fiesta for the believers. Prayers, prayers and prayers are what believers wish to accomplish 24/7. And that definitely should be the goal.

However there are a considerable amount of believers who cannot afford the luxury of leisure time to dedicate for extra voluntary prayers or recitation of the Holy Book.

Mothers with little infants, profesionals with hectic office deadlines, students with exams, activists with community intervention programs- most of these groups get very little or no time for devotional sittings.

The only answer to this dilemma is to continue what they are doing but with better and brighter intention. For, no act is less holy if done consciously for the sake of God.

It is intention which transforms the mundane to the divine. Action is the rose. Intention, its fragrance.


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