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The Ruthlessly Democratic Angel of Death

The Ruthlessly Democratic Angel of Death

Ruthlessly Democratic Angel of Death| Ramadan Reflects (Day 09)

If there is anything that Man has not yet overcome in this world, it is undoubtedly the claws of Death. Unfortunately the ruthlessly democratic Angel of Death does not differentiate a saint from a simpleton. The beginning of this universe may be vague and controversial, but its ending is ultimate and absolute. The certainty of Death and its inherent equality reinforces the spirit of equality between the sons and daughters of Adam.

Human existence is coined by the head of Life and the tail of Death. Therefore, Death is as much or a degree more truer than Life itself. Mercifully, Death can only erase our bodily existence, not our life purpose. And that is our moral score over its annihilating force.

The highest aim of every life should be to strive to become the most original, i.e., to elevate oneself so high that no other soul is capable of reaching its greatness. And they are the exceptional winners who welcome the Angel of death with an assuring smile.


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