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Ramadan re-humanizes our experiences

Ramadan re-humanizes our experiences

Ramadan re-humanizes our experiences – | Ramadan Reflects by Mujeeb Jaihoon (Day 03)

Theologians say Iman, Faith, is a 24/7 phenomenon for the Believer. There can be no moment in his or her life when the bulb of faith would altogether get switched off. While that sounds spiritually romantic, there is a hidden danger of men and women falling into the trap of familiarity and thereby losing the spark in the ecstasy of Faith.

Unless the believer is extra watchful and vigilant, Ramadan too will innocently impose the ‘auto-pilot’ mode in the mind of the believer. The month-long affair of abstinence can automate certain repetitive acts of worship, which may kill the thrill of this Holy Month.

There is no devotional fun when mind is on the run. Mechanical movements of body parts cannot inspire devotional melody in the heart. Ramadan is the conscious swim against the mechanizing tide of our formulaic life. For, the greatest crisis in our lives today is the lack of conscious moments. We are no longer aware of our own existence.

Let this Ramadan be the re-humanizing experience for our mechanized minds.




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