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Wow I made it

Wow I made it

Mujeeb Jaihoon’s reflections on the Holy Month

It is indeed an incredible blessing to make it alive in sound health for this Holy Month. Alhamdulillah.

Ramadan is about restrain and refrain, from the permitted as well the forbidden ones. Therefore, as an additional measure of securing the spiritual attention in this precious getaway, I chose to temporarily do away with the dear social messaging apps. For, the smartphone’s beeps, rings, alerts and notifications have colonized our already ruined hearts.

Every day and hour of Ramadan counts. Correction. Its every minute and every second of devotional opportunity: To get a step closer to the Lord, to return to our true angelic nature and to do good to the creations of Almighty.

Of course, the first ten days of Ramadan is about mercy. One can ask as much of it from the Most Merciful. The right time to submit our bucket list with zero hesitation because the only limit is the size of your checklist.




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