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Child-complaint Media Management

Child-complaint Media Management

Mr Jaleel has been working with CIGI for more than a decade (center for Information and Guidance India) as a career guidance expert. He has conducted seminars and workshops in various institutions and is a much sought after Counselor by the anxious students preparing for college and further studies.

Topics discussed

– Introduction to CIGI

– Lack of disciplines among children & its reasons & how to solve or sort it out.

– The consequences of parents, mainly expatriate, expressing their love towards their children back in India by sending them too much money.

– Control over the usage of media by children

– The influence of TV over the people & its reasons.


This very valuable piece of information should be passed on to those expatriate Keralites who work so hard to get their kids back home the best education and life style. We should make them well aware on certain topics like this. I feel proud of CIGI for taking such an initiative to make us competitive with the rest of the world. Let the God almighty bless CIGI n the people behind it for guiding us and a long way to go ahead.

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