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Education Beyond Schooling

Education Beyond Schooling

Ustad Abdulla Darimi. chief mentor of SIGN movement, on lacking of philosophical approach in Education.

Modern education

Unlike today, values used to be transferred to the younger generation in the earlier days as part of education. The decadence of value is natural as times lapse. We have to try to preserve it.

Philosophical approach is lacking in today’s educational system. The educationists lack the methodology to communicate with the children’s heart their vision.

On negligence of Cultivation by Kerala’s Muslim Religious organizations.

‘The best of bounty is cultivation, then industries and trading’.

Foundation of wealth is agriculture. All else are by-products.

On purpose of Training

We can’t make anyone doctor or engineer, people become what they are destined to be. These trainings and motivations must stimulate sense of excellence. So people become excellent in what they do.

If you do not relate to in what you teach, then the message remains as mere information.

Social Reform

Mananthavady was the first model in cancelling the ‘streedanam commission’ for the masjid committee.

The reason for women backwardness in scholarship is historical than community oriented.


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