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Government stops Seminaries from promoting Kerala Tourism

Government stops Seminaries from promoting Kerala Tourism

Unlike other well-known Islamic seminaries around the globe, what stops Kerala’s Islamic institutions from enrolling foreign admissions?

‘Language is a major barrier to accepting foreign students. Muslim Kerala has still not embraced Arabic as a serious communication medium’
‘Kerala’s Islamic seminaries lag behind in basic amenities’
‘The syllabus in Kerala’s Islamic institutions is way behind international standards’
‘Minor tweaks can help it become globally compliant. Every institution needs to take this step and be ready for compromises’

‘Kerala’s superb natural beauty will undoubtedly attract many foreign students. But Kerala’s Islamic colleges also need to rise up to their expectations. This may be an act of patriotism’

It is imminent for Kerala’s government to intervene in this matter. The authorities are not doing enough to encourage the private sector. Politics may be reason.

‘The political parties may fear electoral backlash’

‘The government should regularly keep a check on the hygiene conditions in educational institutions, including Islamic seminaries’

‘If quality education is given in Kerala’s Islamic institutions, they will attract large number of foreign students including Arabs. This will in turn boost tourism prospects of the State and increase foreign remittances’
‘But Kerala government is not interested in this growth. They rather pursue suppressive measures against such development’
Government should take people into confidence instead of viewing them with suspicion. And encourage the good in every community while fighting the evil.
‘It is an act of intellectual stupidity not to promote enrolment of foreign students’
Lack of cooperation from the Government authorities are a major hindrance in the progress of Kerala’s Islamic institutions.


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