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Is Muslim Kerala Global Shy?

Is Muslim Kerala Global Shy?

Q. How do you view the tendency of commoners and outsiders commenting on the teachings of Islam?

It is a sign of optimism to have outsiders enthusiastically commenting on Islam. Islam is belief system which inspires thought and debate among people. There is no point in claiming only a particular group has monopoly to talk about Islam. But the final verdict can be given by the learned experts.

Q. Do you feel Kerala Islam need to further connect with the international Muslim fraternity?

Muslims are a global community. Naturally the entire world is a Muslim’s family. It is not appropriate for them to live an isolated life.

Q. Islamic education in Kerala has moved from Palli dars to Arabic colleges to Combined education model. What next?

Educational methodology of Islamic education will evolve over time. No system is absolute and final.

It is the call of time which invents new forms of pedagogy. No technique is timeless.

Book-reading in seminaries may soon change in e-reading. Islam has placed no obstacles in adopting any technology as far as they do not clash with the basic principles.


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