Q. What kind of changes are Muslim Kerala afraid of? How can one justify the rationale behind their stagnation?

– Muslim Kerala is traditionally a conservative society.

– Kerala Muslims are closely knit with traditions and treads a lonely journey compared to global Muslims.

– A community that travels with Time cannot resist change.

– Change in Religious Thought does not mean changing the fundamentals.

– Changes in the application of religious tenet is inevitable for a dynamic society.

– Kerala Muslims have a historic tendency to turn their backs on change.

– Muslim Kerala’s dress code may not be appealing to the global community. The new generation has changed for better.

– Any attire not opposed to Islamic principles is permissible.

Q. What do you personally feel about the continuity of imparting madrasa lessons in Arabi Malayalam?

– Arabic Malayalam is not a language.

– It’s simply Malayalam language with an Arabic script. Writing it is not a big deal.

– An hour-long brainstorming will suffice a Keralite Muslim to learn Arabi-Malayalam.

– Academic experts need to study whether Arabi Malayalam need to continue in Madrasa classrooms.

– Arabi Malayalam undoubtedly contains vast amount of fascinating literary contributions. However students should be relieved of its linguistic burden.