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The Cost of Free Lunch in Kerala’s Islamic Education

The Cost of Free Lunch in Kerala’s Islamic Education

Q. There is an understanding or misunderstanding in Kerala that religious education has to be always given free of charge. Is that so?

Islamic education need not be free and it wasn’t so in the early days.
The (late) president of Samastha had spent his only meager savings when he joined Palli Dars.

Shaykh Mohiyuddin lived on blue-collar jobs available for the common man in then Baghdad.

The time for fee-based Islamic education is not far. Rather, it should come soon.

Economic conditions have improved compared to past. Those seeking Islamic education should now be prepared to pay for it.

Fee-based education will help to enhance the quality of Islamic education.

Free Islamic education is a major contributor to the inferiority complex of the products of Islamic seminaries.

Islamic education should be by choice. Not forced by chance due to circumstances.


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