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Being a Malayalee Shaykha

Being a Malayalee Shaykha

JAIHOONTV investigates the scope & challenges of Muslim Women’s Islamic scholarship in Kerala from Abdul Hakeem Faizi Adirassery, chief mentor, Wafiyya group of Colleges.

Q : Resolving Entrance Restrictions in Wafiyya System

‘Wafiyya is not the ultimate cure for Community’s entire women’s issues’

‘Kerala Muslim Women’s religious education is a constant work in progress’

‘Community should take the next step in resolving Muslim Women’s educational crisis’

‘Community’s responsibility does not end with the building of mosques & madrassas’

‘Wafiyya covers study of Quran, Prophetic traditions, Jurisprudence & Home science as well’

Wafiyya syllabus has it all that takes to mould an ideal preacher and life partner’

Q: Is Muslim Kerala’s psyche prepared to accept Wafiyya’s interventions?

‘Muslim Kerala is getting increasingly receptive to changes’

‘Women are also part of humanity with their own characteristics’

‘Kerala’s Muslim women have a space of their own. Community has to accept it.’

‘Only a women faculty can fully & independently address their issues’

‘Only a women faculty can fully & independently address their issues’

‘Wafiyya candidates hold women-only lectures & health awareness sessions’

‘Women in traditional Muslim Kerala were mere spectators in Milad Celebrations’

‘Wafiyya students once conducted Milad speeches & recited songs in women-only gatherings’

‘Women’s Arts need not be performed only on mixed public platforms’

‘Even former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi refused to dance when she was invited to the White House as it was against her nation’s culture’

‘Women have the right to freedom of expression in their domain’

‘The handful of Wafiyya students have many hurdles to face in Kerala’s conservative society’

Can women’s religious education help prevent family conflicts?

‘Family break-ups are a result of community’s overall falling moral standards’

‘Academic certificates alone do not complete a man or woman’

‘Society still need to learn many lessons’

‘Humanity is the key to a healthy family life’

Q. Can Islamic Education curb the growing popularity of ‘godmen’ among the women?

‘Godmen are familiar among men too’

‘This is not an evil specific to women alone’

‘It is men who drive women to such sham’

Muslim Kerala has embraced many lady saints in the past. But what stops them from reserving a title for a Woman Scholar?

‘Lack of Islamic education is the fundamental reason’

‘Women scholarship has to be expedited’

‘When women scholars begin writing and intervening in women-related social issues, such titles will be born’

‘Wafiyya graduates testify to their growing acceptance in their domain’

‘Shaykhas will become a part of mainstream Muslim Kerala in the near future’

‘Society was so far negligent of women’s religious education. They have realized their mistake’


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Ashraf Ks

Thank you, there are scope fore more questions

Sajeer p abubacker

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thank you for your this great work . جزاكم الله خيرا

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الحمد لله

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Asalamu alaikum Mashah Allah I am very happy with your new attempts and conquering new heights. Keep it up. May Allah bless you. I appreciate your efforts beyond groups and narrow thoughts

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You did it well! Hope I can share it with friends

Jumsheena Mohammedkutty

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Masha Allah. Really fruitful. What he said was right. Women activities should be separated.

Wonderful job!

Abdurrahman Wafi

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يا مجيب جزاك الله خير الجزاء

Suhail Siddiqi

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Great job… bring such social messages to light! Well done habibi! Mashallah you continue doing good.

Shihabuddin Thangal

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Very good habeebi

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Start was excellent. Good presentation. Unique topic

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You did your duty but society?

Cherif , W coast Africa.

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I just watched the video. JazakAllahu Khayr for sharing. The Muslim world really need to take women’s Islamic education very seriously! In my opinion, and if you analyze it very deeply, if the westerner’s “culture” succeeded in “corrupting” our youth and society it’s because there is a wide open door which is our women. Because they’re lacking Understanding of Islamic teachings/concepts & are somehow less educated (in Islamic way) than men, alas! That’s our weak spot. And westerners know that. May Allah make it easy and make it reach to the whole Ummah. And may He also assist you & bless all your initiatives.

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