Alshifan, a student of 7th grade in Ideal School (kadakassery, Kerala) who hails from vattamkulam, Malappuram.

A heart with beauty recognizes the creativity of the Creator in His creation. Islam has truly encouraged and as a result carved its own niche in the history of art and architecture. Prophet Muhammad (s) declared “Indeed Allah is beautiful and loves beauty”. The traditional Muslim cultures integrated arts and crafts into their everyday life. The skills that one is blessed with is not expected to be isolated from its source: the Divine. Humans are created unique; the Creator has placed in each individual a potential with which he is able to play and fulfill his own role and thus please the Creator.

Art has been a means to express and convey spiritual messages. Maulana Jala-al-Din Rumi, Hafiz Shirazi, Farid-al-Din Attar, Abd-al-Karim al Jili etc… are few examples who did the same. The expression of beautiful principles of Islam in various art forms is a need of the time and thus initiatives to highlight the creative people & their work has great import to strengthen their identity and simultaneously employ their skill as well as a good medium for conveying the message of Islam for the benefit of humanity.