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Sura Al Mutaffifeen (1/4)

Sura Al Mutaffifeen (1/4)

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  Sura-Al-Mutafiffeen (1/4) (26.5 MiB, 1,030 hits)

Ibn ‘Umar narrated: “The Prophet said: ”O Muhaajiroon [migrants], beware of five traits if ever you were afflicted by them, and I seek refuge in Allaah for you from being afflicted by them, if ever immorality (fornication, adultery or solamy) spreads in a community and they publicly commit it (or talk about it), diseases which were not present in the time of their predecessors will spread among them. If they decrease the measure and weight (of sold grains or food), they will be overcome by poverty, their provisions will decrease and their ruler will be unjust. If they refrain from paying the Zakaat, they will be deprived of rain and had it not been for their cattle, they would never receive rain. If they renounce their commitment to Allaah and His Messenger, they will be governed by an enemy who is a stranger to them and who will take from them some of what they possess. If their ruler do not rule according to Allaah’s Book, they will be afflicted by a civil war.” [Ibn Maajah]


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