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Tawakkul- Reliance on Allah

Tawakkul- Reliance on Allah

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Its a nature in human beings that when we rely on someone very efficient or talented we are satisfied and confident same is the case with the beleiver. Because he is relying on Someone Who is All-Powerfull and Almighty a beleiver is always satisfied and hopeful. This reliance is called ‘Tawakkul. ‘Tawakkul is a form of worship. It is a worship performed by heart. If you rely on something else we are making a hidden shirk! (riyaa)

The person who relies on Allah should be very confident because of the capability of the One on whom he has placed his trust. As Allah (swt) says :” Whoever relies on Allah (has Tawakkul), He is sufficient for him.” [65:3]

Rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him].” [Quran 3: 159]

The best examples for any quality of bleievers it can be found in the Prophets. Many instances from the seerah of Prophet (s) shows us great deal of tawakkul on Allah (swt).

Tawakkul can be defined linguistically as ‘depending on something’. However, techincally it means ‘to be dependent completely on Allah (swt) to acheive any good or perevent any harm’.


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