The journey continues through the historic places…

Dead Sea

Regarding the community of Lut (a.s) Quran said,
15:74 And We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstone hard as baked clay.

The place where the community of Lut (a.s) lived is where Dead Sea is located. Because of the shameful act committed by them Allah afflicted them with grave punishment as mentioned in the above verse.
There is the cave where Lut (a.s) lived with his family and also the stone to which his wife was turned into, as a punishment.

To Egypt
There are two ways leading to Cairo (capital of Egypt) from Taba.
Jabal-toor is a chain of mountains in sina desert. One-third of the Sina desert is covered by these mountains and the highest mountain in it named Jabalu-moosa (2237m).