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Family Life in Islam – 1

Family Life in Islam – 1

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The usage of the term ‘ زوج’ is one of the miracle of the Quran. In cases where there is a disagreement of faith among the couples, the Quran does not employ the word ‘زوج’ . Also when the couples have not got a child the Quran do not address them as ‘زوج’.

Believers pray “our Lord! Bestow on us from our wives and our offspring the comfort of our eyes, and make us leaders for the Muttaqin” (25:74)

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Watch Part – 2

Mohammed haneef

masha allah very good show

assalamu alaikum my dear brothers, this speech is very important in the current scenario, because now the couple life is westernised and the purity of the couple life we need to sustain. insallah, we are expecting the rest of the episodes and may The Almighty give the strength to those who r in backbone of the jaihoon TV, my wishes to evrybody.

Shamna Moidunny

Assalamualaikkum .this is a soul topic & was very informative subhanallah..The lecture was really inspiring… further expecting more topics related to islam..May Allah shower bountiful bless on the crew behind these good deeds of jaihoon.tv,ameen..
jazakallah hyran…
A well wisher

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