Through the Land of Sinai: Dr Bahauddin Nadwi (3/3)

In Jordan many Sahaba are laid to rest in different places.Among whom there include many martyrs.

From Amman one can travel to Palestine through two ways. Sheikh Hussein bridge is one of them. Sheikh Hussein, one of the Jordan rivers towards the South, has started to disappear. Every year almost a meter of water is being decreased.

Around Bait Lahm, Israel has built a 20 meter wall in the name of security. From Bait Lahem we went to Al-Khaleel, place where Ibraheem (عليه سلام) is buried.

Maulana Muhammad Ali’s (the famous Indian freedom activist) maqbara is also present in Bait-ul-Muqaddis. The beautiful Dome seen usually in the fotos is not Bait-ul-Muqaddis, that Dome is the mosque named Kubathi-Sakhra. It was built by the king Abdul Malik bin Marwan.