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In my 26 years of life I’ve realized that there is no separate world for the blind and a world for others.

All my talents were developed in Bustan-ul-uloom madrasa, Vadakara. I use to participate in different programs and became a known figure among people and it also turned out to be the reason to get people’s support

Since I was the eldest child my parents, even though they didn’t have any lack of confidence, were anxious to give me education.

My parents were keen in politics. And I’ve been inclined to it listening to their discussions.

My life in Kolathara School for the blind, run by Calicut Islamic cultural centre, was a critical stage in my life. I was able to interact with people like me. I discovered blind teachers with great skills.
There are various people who have influenced me like PT Saithalavi ustad, Sir Syyed college, E. Abdul Aziz, C.k Aboobacker sir…