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Speech Highlights

Mujeeb Rahman

Arabic language is the language of our dear Prophet Muhammad صلي الله عليه وسلم and also of the paradise. Therefore believers cannot do without it.

Our late leader, Sayyid Muhammad Al Shihab Thangal, was also a great lover of this language. May Allah bless us all to live in Paradise with him speaking this noble language.

Pk Kunhalikutty
General Secretary of Kerala State Muslim League

A mother’s love is the most selfless thing in nature. The book entitles, My mother My Paradise, I believe that its contents inside will be much more beautiful. It is really difficult to nurture an infant. But a mother doesn’t feel her child as a burden. Instead not getting such a chance is considered her ill fortune.

In our society, those who perform noble acts during their lifetime are very much respected even after their death. As mentioned in the welcome speech about Panakkad Sayyid Muhammad Ali Shihab Thangal who with his presence used to attract the respect of those around and mesmerize with his mere presence. And we saw the world crying by realizing his greatness recently. If a person serves people and contributes to the society then he is blessed. On the other hand if he harms the society then he’s in loss. A person will be remembered only for his goodness. So with the time available with us we should serve the people in all possible ways. We should also ensure that we have a good intention. That is the golden opportunity that the people who are into public life, like politics and religious organizations.

Dr. Mohammed Bahaudheen Nadwi
Vice Chancellor
Darul Huda Islamic University

I express my thanks to Jaihoon.tv and its team members for this excellence award even though I believe there are others who deserve it more than me. Its chief architect is a young writer who has recently appeared on the literary scene depicting the beauty of Islamic faith to the society. Since he is well-off living in the Middle East, he does not expect any material gains from such activities. He is able to go forward with such non-profitable activities. Products of Darul Huda Islamic Academy are closely associated with his literary and web-based endeavors.

Everything in the nature is placards of Allah for each of us to learn from. Each of us should learn lessons from other’s experience and this is the reason Allah in His Holy Book has narrated to us the history of previous communities. Any one who is blessed with wealth should be grateful which would increase his fortune. Each of us should utilize all our influences in wealth, leadership and personal skills for sake of Allah.