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Prophet’s soft corner for India : A comparative study of lord Krishnan and Prophet – Sukumar Kakkad

Prophet’s soft corner for India : A comparative study of lord Krishnan and Prophet – Sukumar Kakkad

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Prophet’s soft corner for India : A comparative study of Lord Krishnan and Prophet

Islam believes that over 100,000 prophets have come to the world. So I’m sure that even in India a prophet would have come.

If we learn the lives of both Krishna and Prophet we will find enormous similarities.

Prophet was a shepherd while Krishna use to look after cows.

Krishna was fed by a step mother Yashoda. Similarly Prophet was also fed by a foster mother named Halima (RA).

Both also had to leave or migrate from their native land.

Once when Prophet was in Medina and he felt a cool breeze, he said that this cool breeze is blowing from Hind (India). This makes me feel that Prophet (SAW) had a soft corner for India in his large heart.

‘I don’t know whether anyone else has written similar works. I was fortunate to learn deeply about Prophet and because I am proud of my culture up to an extend I was able to contribute this poem in the area of communal harmony.’

Dr. V.A. Latheef ( M.A, M Phil, PhD )

Please make a deep study in this subject before comment anything, thanks you,


Very Good !


Your service is very very valuable! Thanks.

Krishna cannot be similar to the Holy Prophet of Islam, just becuase he was fed by a mother and left land it does not draw similarities.
Krishna was from young age a thief, so called ‘Makha Choor’ when he was mature anough, he used to hide behind the tress and take cloths away of bathing woman in Rivers, and when he matured he has strange relation with Aunt which most know as Radha..

while the Character of Holy Prophet is Clear of any bad element apart like east and west.

Please do not post such foolish comparison for the sake of bringing comunity together, it will only thought us apart.
you yourself needed to knowwhat you are comparing.

its not of fame you get, here it the warth from Holy..

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