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Prophet’s soft corner for India : A comparative study of Lord Krishnan and Prophet

Islam believes that over 100,000 prophets have come to the world. So I’m sure that even in India a prophet would have come.

If we learn the lives of both Krishna and Prophet we will find enormous similarities.

Prophet was a shepherd while Krishna use to look after cows.

Krishna was fed by a step mother Yashoda. Similarly Prophet was also fed by a foster mother named Halima (RA).

Both also had to leave or migrate from their native land.

Once when Prophet was in Medina and he felt a cool breeze, he said that this cool breeze is blowing from Hind (India). This makes me feel that Prophet (SAW) had a soft corner for India in his large heart.

‘I don’t know whether anyone else has written similar works. I was fortunate to learn deeply about Prophet and because I am proud of my culture up to an extend I was able to contribute this poem in the area of communal harmony.’