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Introduction to Benevolent Economics (1/3)

Introduction to Benevolent Economics (1/3)

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Islamic Economics presents a unique, socially appropriate, morally just and contemporary economic system. It is based on man’s relationship with Allah, His Universe and His people. It rests on Tawheed or the oneness of Allah. The core principles of Islamic Economics include the Shariah (Islamic jurisprudence), ‘adl’ (justice) and ‘falah’ (salvation). Principles of Islamic finance, trade and commerce are widely acclaimed & applicable. International banks having segments based on Islamic finance have made huge profits.


Well initiative..
I think you may talk much about the difference between Islamic banking and other usual banking system, where it confuses the common people that both of these banks are doing the same, such as loan payment, taking interest, etc. So it is more anxious to know how it differs and make islamic compliance in this manner.

abu dhabi

Mohammad Khatib

A very good attempt at trying to help in understanding Islamic Economics. I hope this series will be continued consistently.

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