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God and His Prophet also urge humility towards believers, as in this verse of Sura 26 (Al-Shu’ara’: 215): “And lower thy wing to the Believers who follow thee,” meaning: treat them with gentleness and humility. The Prophet was extremely humble towards his companions. His wives and Companions relate many stories supporting this. He also urged Muslims to show humility, saying: “Whoever humbles himself for the sake of God, God would elevate him to a high status.” This means that whoever humbles himself to people and shows love and kindness towards them, will be amply rewarded in the hereafter. Humility towards God and His Prophet means venerating them and following their Shari’a, while humility towards men is of two kinds: a praiseworthy and acceptable form, and a blameworthy and unacceptable one. The acceptable is humility towards parents, relatives and friends, while the unacceptable form is humility towards arrogant and proud people, or towards unjust rulers.