In a series of exclusive interactions aimed at exploring the cause of this social evil, Dr Hussain Randathani, Principal of MES College Valanchery, talks to JAIHOON.TV about the various reasons for suicides in Kerala.

  • Keralites had the habit of reading whatever they got in hand such as nasty stories which had negative effects the minds of readers. The literary works never found a solution for the poor people’s problems, rather it exploited them. The writers utilized the concept of suicide as an escape from tragedies, a literary genre’ widespread among Malayalees.
  • In Kerala, most homes are isolated and fenced from its neighbors. Neighbors know each other’s problems through the media who exaggerates issues such as suicides. While others who are struggling with problems see suicides as a way out.
  • Keralites are lazy at home while hard-working outside. They enjoy a luxurious style at home and this lead to bank loans.
  • Accompanying good persons and visiting shrines also provide a solace for believers. Suicides are less among Muslims.
  • The leadership has to come out with alternative banking systems with human touch as conceived by Islam.