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Sura Al Alaq

Sura Al Alaq

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  Sura Al Alaq (1/4) (11.5 MiB, 1,315 hits)

The Beginning of the Prophethood and the First of the Qur’an revealed

Imam Ahmad recorded that `A’ishah said: The first thing that began happening with the Messenger of Allah from the revelation was dreams that he would see in his sleep that would come true. He would not see any dream except that it would come true just like the (clearness of) the daybreak in the morning. Then seclusion became beloved to him. So, he used to go to the cave of Hira’ and devote himself to worship there for a number of nights, and he would bring provisions for that. Then he would return to Khadijah and replenish his provisions for a similar number of nights. This continued until the revelation suddenly came to him while he was in the cave of Hira’. The angel came to him while he was in the cave and said, “Read!” The Messen- ger of Allah said,

«فَقُلْتُ: مَا أَنَا بِقَارِىء»

(I replied: “I am not one who reads.) Then he said, “So he (the angel) seized me and pressed me until I could no longer bear it. Then he released me and said: `Read!’ So I replied: `I am not one who reads.’ So, he pressed me a second time until I could no longer bear it. Then he released me and said:

[اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِى خَلَقَ ]

(Read in the Name of your Lord who has created.) until he reached the Ayah,

[مَا لَمْ يَعْلَمْ]

(That which he knew not. )” So he returned with them (those Ayat) and with his heart trembling until he came (home) to Khadijah, and he said,

«زَمِّلُونِي زَمِّلُونِي»

(Wrap me up, wrap me up!) So they wrapped him up until his fear went away.
This Hadith has been recorded in the Two Sahihs by way of Az-Zuhri.

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