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Jaihoon’s speech at the One Day workshop on “Islamic Banking and Finance

Muslims in Kerala enjoy three exclusive features which entitle them to adopt Islamic Banking:

1. Potential population – Muslims are the second biggest community in the state. And in districts like Malappuram, Calicut and Kannur, they outnumber more than other communities.

2. The community is led by very capable political and religious leadership which has paved way for their prosperity in comparison to their counterparts in other states of India. Several groups run schools and colleges in a systematic and organized manner. The political will to implement the Islamic banking is easily available. Institutions of higher religious learning can provide the intellectual backing required for the research and development of Islamic Banking concepts.

3. Finally, there is no dearth of funds as Muslims in Kerala are perhaps the wealthiest in the country having the highest standard of living. “There is at least Rs5,000 crore of unclaimed interest in Kerala alone. People prefer to put their money in gold or jewellery, which is the worst kind of investment from an economic point of view,” says an expert.
These above factors necessitate the founding of Islamic Banking in Kerala much earlier than in any other part of India.

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