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Formerly known as John Mundakkal, he was traveled extensively across Americas and Vatican for learning and teaching Christianity. He now lives in the rural Malabar propagating the Islamic faith. It was in 1985 that he forsake the fallacy of trinity for the truth of Oneness of Allah. Inspired by the speeches of Shamsul Ulama EK Abu Bakr Musliyar, he was convinced of the hollowness of Christianity.

Part II

He shares with JAIHOON.TV his experiences in the path of truth.

– I was threatened to death by my superioros if I would preace my new faith. 33 of my colleagues joined me
– In 1985, I formally embraced Islam. I left my family and properties.
– I won many into the new faith due to my propagation.
– The Holy Prophet had to suffer much for spreading the word of Allah. We followers have to do our little bit to justify our faith.
– There is one father Alavi, an ArabicMunshi from Malappuram, who was expelled from Pattikkad Jamia Nooriya by Shamsul Ulama. It was me who had converted him earlier by offering him money and sending him to Germany.
– My family celebrated my funeral when I was alive.
– Wealth cannot gurantee happiness in life.
– I was a priest in a church for 26 years and forgave lakhs of people, which is a hypocritic practice. I had to bear the sins of all those people on my head.
– The celibacy of Catholic priests and nuns is a well-known myth. No clergy can argue on this point with me.
– Performance of the Last Rites is another fallacy of the Catholic world. How can a priest forgive the sins of a dying person?
– The rapid conversion to Islam is the proof of its truth.