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Formerly known as John Mundakkal, he has traveled extensively across Americas and Vatican for learning and teaching Christianity. He now lives in the rural Malabar propagating the Islamic faith. It was in 1985 that he forsake the fallacy of trinity for the truth of Oneness of Allah. Inspired by the speeches of Shamsul Ulama EK Abu Bakr Musliyar, he was convinced of the hollowness of Christianity.

Part I
He shares with JAIHOON.TV his experiences in the path of Truth.

– Born to Mundakkal family, became priest in 1960 from Aluva, Kerala

– Joined a church as father in 1964 where he received an invitation to visit Vatican

– Visited Vatican in 1965, met with Pope and returned to Kerala

– Visited foreign countries for course in Bible studies. Visited Russia, America, Philippines, France and Germany.

– In 1975 he was selected the secretary of the Priests Association of Kerala.

– Under instructions of Archbishop, traveled to North India and converted several lower caste people to Christianity.

– Later received orders to visit Malappuram district of Kerala for converting Muslims to Christianity.

– In 1979, gathered fathers at Manjeri (Malappuram) and met at Vandoor hospital. All arrangements were made to convert 40 Muslim families

– Meantime, we were invited to hold discussion at Manjeri Town hall by Shamssul Ulama. We ignored the advise to leave the locality since we believed that no one around could understand Syrian language

– We built homes for poor Muslims in mountainous areas and converted around 60 Muslim families to Christianity.

– In 1980 I challenged anyone who could answer in Syrian version of Bible to which Shamsul Ulama responded

– At Edakkara, a stage was built with Shamssul Ulama one side and we Christian priest one other.

– During the debate Shamsul Ulama showed a historic text of Bible in Syrian which made us speechless and we took permission to leave.

– I returned home and referred an old Syrian version. I compared it with the new version for 28 days. I found the Holy Prophet’s (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) name mentioned throughout.

– In 1983 we got permission from seniors to visit Vatican and met with Pope John Paul and kissed his ring. But I was confused inside.

– In US, we met with Muhammad Ali Clay who had converted to Islam. We inquired with him the reasons for his conversion to Islam. He found human equality aspect of Islam most attractive.

– We traveled to Palestine and visited to Bait al Muqaddis. I prayed there for conviction and was blessed with faith in Islam.