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Onions big 2
Green chilies 4
Ginger : a small pinch
Curry leaves a pinch
Coriander leaves – a pinch.
Fennel powder tsp
Black pepper powder 1tsp
Garam masala 1tsp
Mixed vegetables 2cup
Cooked chicken or mutten pieces- cut into small pieces – cup oil for cooking.
Salt to taste
Samoosa sheets available in super markets.
Maida flours 2 table spoon.


Fry the small cut onions in oil. Add the green chilies and ginger paste. Fry till the color changes to golden and then add the masalas one by one. Add the leaves, meat and the cooked vegetables. Stir well and add salt. Remove from fire after 3 minutes.

Fold the samoosa sheet into the shape of samoosas as shown and add the masala to it with a spoon. Stick the edge with the maida flour. Deep fry each samoosa in oil till it turns golden brown.

It’s ready. Serve hot.

NOTE Can be made with vegetables or chicken.


Sir/Madam, Samoosa pastry sheets are not availble here in the USA please can you give me the basic shape of the sheet to be able to fold the pastry into the funnel for filling and then fold over the remaining to make the triangle shape

It is very good and easy to make recipie.thanks for jaihoon tv members.
we are hoping for more recipies.

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