In a series of exclusive interactions aimed at exploring the cause of this social evil, Panakkad Sayyid Munawwarali Shihab Thangal talks to JAIHOON.TV about the various reasons for suicides in Kerala.

• The people are more bothered with those around them. The different sectors in society will remain whatsoever. It is futile for the lower to imitate the upper.

• After a child is enrolled in the school, the parents try to become the student than the child itself. The resultant pressure on the child leads to suicides

• Suicides among farmers is more related to financial reasons.

• Relying on God (Tawakkul) is the best option to stay away from suicides

• The institution of Zakat also helps to prevent gap between rich and poor.

• The arrival of Islamic banking practices also eliminate the evil of Interest in financial sector.

• Muslim Kerala which has good potential for Islamic banking in terms of wealth and leadership should embrace the interest-free banking alternative practiced by even western countries.