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ET Mohammed Basheer, former education minister shares his aspirations for bringing about academic reforms in the cent percent literacy state of Kerala in South India.

Entry to Politics

In my childhood days there wasn�t much time to think about studies but to earn for a living. So I needed a job and got into Mavoor factory as well as into trade union. In those days most of the members in Muslim League were evolved from student politics. There were not many members in the party who came from trade union sector. So I became prominent due to my labor background. With the full support of leaders and other members, I could rise to a good position.

Handling crisis

This question has been asked several times by others too. Once a renowned journalist came to my house and asked me the same question. I showed him my shelf of books and pointed to the Holy Quran and said ‘The holy Quran is one which has helped me to solve problems and taught me how to handle the situations very smoothly’.

Changing governments

One should understand that Government means ‘a continuing body’. However, in practice every new government would start with a new chapter. So the continuity of the policies suffers a lapse. This is one of the major reasons that Kerala is facing.

Compared to other states Kerala has wonderful natural resources. But they are not exploited properly. All countries are marketing their products by adding value to their natural resources.

UDF government had a very good attitude towards projects like Express Highway, ADB Fund, and Smart City etc. But the opposition LDF didn’t let to succeed with the projects. So UDF government had to put down it half the way. But this time when the LDF government got into power, they are trying to implement it on their own name.

Unsuccessful election

Muslim League enjoyed 4 ministers and a good position under the previous UDF government as well as good public support. There are so many reasons for our break down. One of them is the changed attitude of other Muslim organizations rather than Muslim League’s. They gave their full support to the LDF, a stance which they now regret. It has been 8 months since LDF rule began n Kerala. They are putting down all the projects of UDF, which were brought for the development of backward community.

Modification to be made in Education

Although the quality of Kerala education is much better when compared to the other countries, it still required some finishing touches. Kerala has to change their concept from ancient to modern. Lack of communication skill is another major part which defeats the Keralite in International market. Kerala needs to absorb the good aspects of international educational model. This is one of the ways how Kerala could make progress in their educational field.

Suicide temptation and SSLC

SSLC was known as the base of education in earlier days. But now the things have changed. Students no longer worry or get nervous. The number of suicides has been decreased. This is all because of the grading system, which had been implemented by the Education Minister during the period of UDF.

Sachhar Committee

Sachhar committee was formed to make a case study about Muslim community’s educational, economical and social status. They revealed the actual living status of Muslim in India in its 400-page report. Muslims are much behind than SC and ST communities. Especially this report pointed out the situation in Bengal where the CPM Party has been ruling since 3 decades. Thousands of villages where the majorities are Muslims don’t have even one school per village. Actually this is the difference between those who have a organized leadership like in Kerala and those without.

Return of the Party

Party had some defects. Party is on track to retrieve the intensity. Being the part of it we conduct forums and it includes criticisms and evaluation and decisions to make the party fit for the next election.