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‘He always treated me like a mother’

‘He always treated me like a mother’

Mrs Fatima Raoof speaking at the launch function of ‘The Cool Breeze From Hind’ (Revised Ed)

She has been in teaching filed for more than two decades especially involved at the primary level of education and is presently teaching at a private school in the emirates. During her career, she has built good rapport with young children understanding their problems in studies and simultaneously helping parents to resolve them cordially. She is also the author’s primary school English teacher


Al Hamdu Lillah…

The video of the teacher’s speech was very much touching on heart. Jazakkallh Khair wal Barakah fil darain (Ameen)

Best Wishes

Shamna Moidunny

Subhanallah …what a lovely teacher.she is really proud of her student..her talk really touched the depth of my heart and no doubt my eyes were filled of tears…many teachers went as flash through my heart when i saw this video…may Allah shower blessings on all teachers of mine who imparted me even a small information…jazakallah khyr…

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