Wheat flour 4 cups
Sugar 1 cup.
Egg 10
Cashew nuts cup
Coconut cut into small pieces ? ? cup
Ghee cup
Water – as required
Elaichi 6
Salt to taste
Cuscus to taste

Method/Recipe of Chatti Pathiri

Knead the dough as for chapatti. Make the chapattis in the size and shape of the pan used for baking. This will be sufficient to make 8 chapattis.

Half cook each of the chapattis. Grind together sugar and the elaichi powder. In this add the eggs and mix well.

Take the mixture and fry in little ghee. Keep stirring the mixture as we pour it into the pan and make it into little pieces and take it out. After this roast the cashew nuts and the coconut till it turns golden brown.

Dip each chapatti one by one in the remaining egg mixture. Apply little ghee in the pan. Put the first chapatti and on top of it sprinkle some cashew nuts, coconut and the egg. Repeat the same for all remaining chapattis. Pour the balance egg mixture on top which fill the gap if any. On top sprinkle some ?cuscus? and cover the top with a lid.

Cook for 1 hour on slow fire. Again after an hour when it has cooled down, remove it and put it into a plate upside down. Cut into small pieces.