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Education Beyond Schooling

DSC_9464 Ustad Abdulla Darimi. chief mentor of SIGN movement, on lacking of philosophical approach in Education . Read more

Who is an ideal Wafy?

Who is an Ideal Wafy, finds out jaihoon.tv directly from its chief mentor Abdul Hakeem Read more


Ranking reinforces Competition

Despite hundreds of Islamic seminaries in Kerala there is neither quality-check nor a centralized ranking Read more


Believers more hopeful than Communists: Shaykh Mohammed Karakunnu

karakunnu In first of a series of exclsive interactions, Sheikh Muhammad Karakunnu, talks to JAIHOON.TV about the various reasons for suicides in Kerala. Read more
Interview by Dr. MK Muneer

My Discovery of Yemen: Shihab Thangal

An exclusive interview with the great legendary leader of Kerala Muslim community - Syed Muhammed Ali Shihab by Minister Dr. Mk Muneer. Read more


Kunhai Musliar : Student Days

A satire documentary into the intriguing life of the Birbal of Malabar, Kunhai Musliyar Read more


C.Hamza: The Mystic of Melattur

chamza JAIHOONTV treats its viewers to some unpleasant truths on contemporary Muslim Kerala in a radical conversation with C. Hamza Sahib, the tight-lipped thinker of Melattur. Read more

വ്രതം : കർമ്മവും മർമ്മവും

ആത്മാവു അന്യം നിന്നുപോയാൽ നോമ്പ്‌ വെറും ജഡമായിത്തീരും. നോമ്പിന്റെ ഉള്ളറകളിലേക്കു വിശ്വദാർശനികൻ ഇമാം ഗസ്സാലി നടത്തുന്ന ഒരു സവിശേഷ നിരീക്ഷണം... Read more


Through the Land of Sinai: Dr Bahauddin Nadwi (3/3)

The final episode of the journey where the scholar describes about historic places... Read more