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കൊടപ്പനക്കലെ തണലിൽ ഇത്തിരി നേരം നിൽക്കാനും

Song performed by ZAAD MEDIA (Students Band) at Sayyid Shihab International Summit 2020 - Dubai (Feb 07 2020) Read more

World Arabic Day Song

A visit to Sharjah Wetland Centre with Muhannad Jaihoon Read more

Education First. Politics Second: Beyond Identity Hangover to Community Empowerment

Madrassa Modernization in Modi's India (JAIHOON.TV in conversation with Perwez Siddiqui, president, Sir Syed Minority Foundation of India, Aligarh Muslim University) Read more


Poetic Justice for My Father, A Global Citizen | Munavvarali Shihab

Sayyid Munavvarali Shihab speaking at the book launching of Dr. Sabrina Lei's Italian translation of SLOGANS OF THE SAGE, selected quotations of Sayyid Shihab Thangal compiled by Mujeeb Jaihoon. Read more

Memorable Monument of the Mighty Empire

Located in Saint Petersburg, the National Library of Russia, is the oldest book shrine in the Russian empire. Read more

Finding Faith in Snow Flake

An ice walk in the former Russian Capital leading to the captivating Saint Petersburg Mosque. Read more


Nasheed Remix | Musawwir Jaihoon

Nasheed remix by Musawwir Jaihoon. Read more

Sura Al Mulk | Musawwir Jaihoon

Qiraat by Musawwir Jaihoon Read more

Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah | Muhannad Jaihoon

'Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah' is an all-time popular nasheed enjoyed throughout the world in different forms. This version is by Muhannad Jaihoon. Read more