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Through the Land of Sinai: Dr Bahauddin Nadwi (3/3)

baha-ustad3 The final episode of the journey where the scholar describes about historic places... Read more
mystic lamp

Self Purification before Social Change

Prominent mystic writer shares his insight on various issues facing modern youth Read more


Compassion Precedes Knowledge

The Amercian Muslim scholar shares his philosophy of education on his first visit to Kerala. Read more


My Discovery of Yemen: Shihab Thangal

Interview by Dr. MK Muneer An exclusive interview with the great legendary leader of Kerala Muslim community - Syed Muhammed Ali Shihab by Minister Dr. Mk Muneer. Read more

Kunhai Musliar : Student Days

A satire documentary into the intriguing life of the Birbal of Malabar, Kunhai Musliyar Read more


Tomato Chatni

Traditional Kerala sauce taken along with rice and curry Read more


Faith-freindly Economics

razia-1 Faith is one of the basic pillars of a nation’s economy, expounds Dr. Razia Irfan Read more

Child-complaint Media Management

Managing media consumption and discipline at home Read more


Adam Smith and Modern Economics

Self-interest is the leading doctrine of Capitalism Read more