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Education First. Politics Second: Beyond Identity Hangover to Community Empowerment

Madrassa Modernization in Modi's India (JAIHOON.TV in conversation with Perwez Siddiqui, president, Sir Syed Minority Foundation of India, Aligarh Muslim University) Read more

Education Beyond Schooling

Ustad Abdulla Darimi. chief mentor of SIGN movement, on lacking of philosophical approach in Education . Read more

Who is an ideal Wafy?

Who is an Ideal Wafy, finds out jaihoon.tv directly from its chief mentor Abdul Hakeem Read more


Bright Lessons from A Dark Book: Flood for Thought

Mujeeb Jaihoon explains how Kerala and its people benefitted from the worst natural calamity which hit the South Indian state. Read more

E Ahmed : Glorious Past, Cautious Future (Part I)

It is a reality that due to special circumstances, Muslim League has not been able to build a stronghold in N. India. There are many who love and help Muslim League, but we have failed to organize them under our umbrella Read more

Believers more hopeful than Communists: Shaykh Mohammed Karakunnu

In first of a series of exclsive interactions, Sheikh Muhammad Karakunnu, talks to JAIHOON.TV about the various reasons for suicides in Kerala. Read more


Universe belongs to Allah: None can question His Justice

Every manufacturer has a right to recall or dissolve its products. The ultimate ownership of a thing is with its maker. Read more

Hereafter makes Life meaningful

The life on earth would make no sense were it not for the hereafter. But the vice versa is equally true. Read more

Duniya is Cheap. Akhira is the Premium

But to spiritually celebrate God’s glory and power while shopping is perhaps the hardest thing to do Read more